Parents with premature infants tend to feel desperate to not have your little one in the house, by to be hospitalized in a unit of intensive therapy neonatal (UTIN). But this despair is due to the lack of information they receive during this process. Here are some tips on how to care for a premature baby during their stay in the health center.

How to care for a premature baby and what to do in the process

  • Seek support from family and friends

Not being able to enjoy your baby at home during the first few days of birth, can become a quite stressful and intense, but fortunately with the help of family members will be able to overcome this period. They may help you conduct a better care during the days that the baby is in the unit of intensive therapy neonatal (UTIN).

  • Learn about the care of premature

Usually premature infants arrive in the world after a complicated pregnancy. So it is advisable that you you wet on the topic prior to the birth of the baby. So the care after delivery will be much easier to experience.

  • Interact with the equipment in the hospital

Establishes a trust relationship with the neonatal team or doctors in general, this can help you to give more care to your baby, in addition, it is a fundamental point to make you feel more secure, and the health staff is very attentive to it.

  • Carried out the skin to skin contact

It is important to talk with managers of your baby, them to let you carry out the skin to skin contact. This will cause the child to feel protected, because the body heat will help to strengthen links.

  • Spend as much time as possible with him

You try to be close to and spend time with your baby in the hospital. You think that you are part of the care team that attends her in the hospital.

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  • Get to know your baby

Find out how you can help to develop your skills and movement drive, and how you can promote your feed by touch or massage for newborns. It is important that you learn to differentiate between what you like to your baby and what not.

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