the stimulation or early child care is an ongoing process of repetition to which the experts refer to as information units or bits, and the largest value that has to be found in the process of stimulating with love and respect, more than in the measurement of its results.

To stimulate the baby it is a career quick and eager in search of secure bases for the baby to reach success and this is also not accelerate the pace of the individual child for his / her development; on the contrary, what is sought is to recognize the capabilities of each stage and through experiences, to nurture and nourish the natural process.

What is achieved through the stimulus?

  • Through the repetition of systematic and sequential stimuli, with activity or exercise, with scientific basis, you can strengthen the areas of neural infants.
  • Through early stimulation will be strengthened correctly the development of cognitive, motor, social and emotional baby.
  • Will expand their capabilities and individual development, readiness and pace.

How to stimulate correctly to the baby?

  • The first thing that we should take into account is that every baby is unique, and this is the key basis for the stimuli.
  • We should not strain or force the baby to do activities, should arise naturally and with the appropriate safety measures.
  • The baby needs to experience the feeling of freedom when you make the stimuli, this will help you to have good self-esteem.
  • Parents must respect the times and the individual development of each baby, without exposing it to comparison or criticism.
  • With cooing, stroking, colors, shapes, smells, sounds, tastes, everything that surrounds us is stimulation and experiences for the baby.
  • Love, presence, commitment, respect, any event on the environment is a stimulus that affects the body that receives it.
  • Before getting to the precise definition of the term it is necessary to take into account some important considerations such as that

The stimulation and the emotional bond

Stimulate is a profound lived experience in which love is the main element, because no one encourages anyone who does not love; this is why parents are the main agents of stimulation. The interactions should not be aimed exclusively at learning, but rather, a loving attitude, using the game as a strategy.

It is necessary that the stimulation is designed to promote skills in emotional, social, motor and mental disorders, without ignoring any aspect, nor to place more emphasis on one area than the other, because the human being is a whole, is not a space divided into compartments, with a drawer for the motor, another for its affective sphere, and so on.

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The proper development of the potentialities of the child in time is of fundamental importance for their future development, which, as is logical to assume, will result in a population much more dynamic and productive.

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