A proper sleep routine brings with it numerous benefits for children's development, which in turn is associated with better performance in children and adolescents. Studies have shown that good sleep the necessary hours, improve attention, behavior, health and over all cognitive function and emotion control of the infant.

Sleep Apnea child

This happens when the child's breathing stops because the child's airway is narrowed or obstructed. Usually, the throat remains sufficiently open when the little one is sleeping, this to allow the passage of air.

It should be noted that some children have the narrow throat, and this is usually due to the presence of adenoids or enlarged tonsils, which block the passage of air. The apnea happens, then, when during sleep, the tissues close in and block the airway.

The infant apnea and its relationship with cognitive development

During the Day, Advances in Sleep Medicine Pediatric, Gonzalo Pin, coordinator of the Unit of Valencia from the Sleep of Hospital Quirón Valencia, warned about the relationship of infant apnea with the cognitive development of the infant.

“Children who have sleep apnea may stop breathing between 10 and 30 seconds while they sleep. These interruptions repeated oxygenation can affect both the cognitive development and learning of the child as to the occurrence of hypertension and growth disorders”

He also ensures Gonzalo Pin that is not necessary for the child to have tonsils grown to be suffering from apnea, since the “tonsils small with an airway less competent may exert a role generator of apnea”.

What should we do?

One of the first symptoms to which we should pay a lot of attention, is when there is snoring in the child when you do not have a cough or cold at that moment, faced with this situation, recommended to the specialist: “you need to go to the pediatrician, they have questionnaires that will facilitate the diagnostic suspicion, and if this is confirmed, it will be the units of sleep or otolaryngology who will ratify the presence of sleep apnea in the child“.

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