Beneficios de la lactancia materna

It is important to know that every child is born with the biological need to learn, and any stimulation that you get during the first 12 months, has a greater impact on their brain growth that at any other stage of life.

Keep in mind that the stimulation is a form of play that challenges the mind of the baby at the same time that it gives you satisfaction to your preferences recently discovered.

The total growth of an individual is carried out by means of the interrelationship of the physical, mental, emotional and social, and the early stimulation will impact on the overall growth of the baby, without pressure or speed up any development process.

Simply, what you are looking for is to optimize the abilities of the child, in all areas. In addition it is worth mentioning that the pacing is very simple to apply and will provide your child with the tools they need for the development of their skills and a better performance in his future pre-school.

To carry out the development of the stimulation needs of the professional, parents and people who are in contact with the baby.

Definition of early stimulation

For a better understanding of what is the early stimulation we cite several concepts that define it:

  1. It is a direct approach, simple and satisfying to help the development of the baby, the time that parents experience joy and joy. Its purpose is to optimize the development of the child to achieve the maximum improvement of their potential physical, intellectual, achieving an appropriate balance that allows the integrated development of the personality.
  2. Is the application multi-sensory, from birth until the integration of reflex activity, giving rise to a voluntary activity.
  3. Is to constantly provide the child since you were born, the opportunities to connect with the world around him, starting with his own family and by the people who permanently or temporarily are in charge of their care.
  4. Are the care, games and activities we have to do with the children since they are in gestation, to help them grow and develop healthy, strong, smart, affectionate, self-confident and independent.
  5. It is the natural process of development, handled in a playful manner, to put into practice the daily relationship with the baby. It is also addressed to children with both mental and physical disabilities.
  6. It is a specialty therapeutic education oriented to children from 0 to 4 years and with a detour of up to 6 years) with disabilities or at-risk bio - psycho-social in the social and cultural context of their family.
  7. It is the whole care, games and activities that can help children, from birth, to better develop their physical and mental capabilities.
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