One of the best news that you can receive a family is that one of its members is expecting a baby. And just after the good news, come the preparations to organize a baby shower unforgettable.

As each pregnancy is a unique event and unique, it is important to do something creative, a great detail that you like at all, and why not, a detail made to crochet?

You can think that it is difficult to do, especially when we don't have as many ideas as we thought, that's why here we share with you some good recommendations to not give up on the attempt.

Memories of baby shower knitted crochet

Many innovative ideas and practices, can be found in specialty stores or order someone to do it for us, but ideally, is that charge value and do it ourselves. Try to do some with your own hands, the crochet is not very complicated, the points are easy.

House-made crochet and fabric. The base of the house is circular and is made of any fabric that is a little rigid. The roof of the casita is woven to crochet in the shape of a cone, you can give a nice effect using coloured wool or with color gradient. The bottom portion you will be cooked in a hand-woven and finally, it includes a ribbon closed with a button so that you have where to hold on and hung up.

Shoes in miniature. You can make several colors and display them by hanging them with puppies clothes of a string. Added to each zapatito a card and a small hang over the zapatito, which include the baby's name and date of the party.

Forrritos of nipples or bottles. You can give as a gift with a bottle inside of any material, to which the lining is to appreciate in all its splendour.

Small babushkas of colors. Can be used as keychains or hang them on the rearview mirror of the car. Use several colors, you can mix the threads that you already have at home, so that you get a variety of colors and textures. Your guests will thank you for this original souvenir.

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