It has been more than half a century since we invented the first methods of birth control and we still hear some of the myths that revolve around its effectiveness and the limits and errors that occur through the care of contraception.

In this regard, Alicia Figueroa, doctor tocoginec├│logo of the Center for Latin american Health and Woman explains: “Many of those false beliefs, shared by both professionals and users, characterized by some methods as “the bad guys”, no one dares to question the veracity of such claims.”

Myths about birth control

The oral contraceptives (OCS), are the living example of these beliefs in urban; that even specialists support, then, surely, if you take birth control pills, at some point you will have heard that you should make pauses between months for the body to have a “sleep hormone”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that the breaks are harmful to women that take pills which are disruptive to the contraceptive protection, they force the couple to use other methods that are less familiar, comfortable or reliable, and facilitate the re-emergence of adverse effects when you restart to take your pills.”

Also, among the myths regarding the use of hormonal contraceptives we find the sterility, however, experts and studies claim that this “theory” is only a popular belief, as it is confirmed that the use of these methods reduces by 40% the risk of infertility.

Similarly, the intrauterine device has been associated with the production of diseases and infections, among the most common myths coupled with the IUD, we found, to say that it causes cancer and vaginal infections, beliefs, without any connotation of a physician.

Referring to the theme, the gynaecologist Karina Iza ensures that: “We have to take into account that it is one of the most effective contraceptive methods, and that can be used safely in special situations such as post-partum immediately after an abortion, as suggested by the WHO or even in women who have not had children, if that is the method that they have chosen”.

Another method that does not escape the popular belief is the condom, to make you responsible for the decreased pleasure, or to ensure that when you tighten you can break with ease. However, condoms to first go through a quality control to a high standard before being presented to the market. The common cause by which it tends to break the condoms are related by the errors at the time of placement.

After the pills, howlong should wait to detox and get pregnant?

Will depend on the levels of fertility of each woman, however, in normal conditions, when you stop using birth control pills, the possibility of pregnancy will be immediate.

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