Show para baby shower

If the clowns or entertainers don't get excited because they can to unnerve your family and guests, you can choose to hire the services of a show called “clinic clown”.

This show began as an arts program focused on hospitals and medical centers with visits from clowns specially trained. It has been proven that these visits help the patients, in terms of the positive effect that produces the sense of humor.

The healing power of optimism and laughter combat stress through the release of endorphins (natural pain relievers of the body). In addition, it stimulates the immune system and helps to promote a positive attitude and to create emotional ties healthy.

Now, it is giving the growing trend to adapt this concept to celebrations of all kinds, and the baby shower are no exception. They used the same techniques; such as magic, music, storytelling and other skills of clowns to “cure” the children and not so kids with a dose of fun.

Content of your show

The differences begin to be noticeable in the content of his show, because, in the case of the baby shower, are based on all the experiences that they will face the new parents before, at and after the time of delivery.

Although it may seem a bit absurd, this can be carried out perfectly because since some years ago, the trend at shows for baby shower has taken a total turn.

The that can be performed is those moments in which missing a few days for the birth of your baby. The grace consists in this, that instead of being treated by your doctor, it will be an entertaining team of medical clowns who are in charge of your birth.

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Then, it is appropriate to remember those moments more anecdotal or the so-called “chascarros” never missing, especially in these situations first-time parents.

A good detail to give a special touch to the celebration is to perform a “happy hour” in which all enjoy amenamente a nice mix of dance that includes songs, games and even costumes, without losing the theme of the festival which is the future arrival of the baby . This moment can be directed by a cast contractor, or by the same family members or friends of the mom-to-be.

Other things that you can add are a piñata, contests, competitions, and a lot of party favors including balloons, challas and streamers.

Therefore, if you have a sister, cousin or best friend that is pregnant and you want to get out of the ordinary and celebrate a baby shower very original, you can opt for this type of show.

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