The majority of men who are about to be dads they are well aware that breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby, it is free, does not demand neither preparation nor cleanup, allows you to spend time with the baby and of course to strengthen the bond of love parents and children.

But despite all this, many new parents often change their opinion on breastfeeding when the baby comes into the world. It is not that they disagree with that babies receive the chest, what happens is that the experience makes them feel isolated.

The feelings of the parents during lactation

  • Concern, because they believe that for them it will be very difficult to establish and develop a relationship with his son.
  • Feeling of isolation, of being out of place, because they believe that nothing they can do for the child can be compared with what makes the woman. This happens because of the proximity and, in consequence, the bond that she has with the child, always will be, infinitely greater than they make.
  • Believe that as it is the woman who breastfeeds, they have, apparently, knowledge and skills that, in consequence, become better parents than they.

The ways you can turn breastfeeding into a wonderful process for all

  • Provide support and be loving, breastfeeding is hard work and difficult. Therefore, dad needs to deal with some of the common tasks of the woman and help her whenever you can.
  • When the mom is breastfeeding, the dad, for example, can bring a pillow or a glass of water and offered to get gas for the child after breastfeeding.
  • Make sure you have plenty of skin to skin contact with the child. Snuggling, bathing together or singing a lullaby while you sleep on your chest paterno.
  • Spend a lot of time with the baby. Take him for a walk in the car, putting him in a backpack, front baby carrier, and take it shopping, or play on the floor.
  • Give him the bottle with breast milk. If you express milk manually or with a pump comes well mom, you can be the dad who then pass to the child from the breast to the bottle and begin to take charge of feeding.
  • Before you start to give bottles, they must wait until this period of breastfeeding is well built and the child is between 3 and 4 weeks.
  • First, it is important for the child to get used completely to suckle from a breast of truth.
  • Will try not to take it personally if at the beginning the baby was less interested in taking the bottle with dad.
  • Man, that yes, must be patient if your wife is less interested in sex than before having the baby. It is possible to feel “very touched”, due to the process of breastfeeding.
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