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  • Why is the food influence on the mobility of the sperm?
  • How to strengthen sperm?
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A research suggests that a healthy lifestyle may correlate with better quality sperm.

To have sperm strong and healthy is the key to ensure paternity. To have a healthy diet, have the calcium levels needed and to ejaculate are often aspects to help a woman conceive.

The specialists indicate that, a healthy diet with an intake that is high in fish, fresh fruits, whole grains, legumes and vegetables can improve the quality of the sperm, bringing the benefit of greater mobility of sperm. Which is ideal for men who want to be parents.

What kind of foods can harm?

Diets rich in red meat and processed grains seem to impair the ability of the sperm to move.

Why is the food influence on the mobility of the sperm?

The foods you eat directly impact the quality of your sperm and, if not adequate, may decrease the number of sperm and in the worst case damage them.

How to strengthen sperm?

  • Foods that provide vitamin C, help to the mobility of the sperm, thanks to the amount of antioxidants they possess.
  • Vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant, therefore, consume fruits sexes as walnuts will be a very good option.
  • Vitamin A is involved in the formation of steroids, androgens, essential for the creation of cells sexual, and aid with fertility.
  • The omega 3 6 omega 6, it provides fatty acids and linolenic acid, essential for the maturation process of the spermatozoa.


  • If you have a balanced diet and totally healthy, and even so, you cannot become a parent, then consultation with a specialist about your health and the health of your wife.
  • It is important to talk with a doctor about all the foods that you consume. This can be of great help, as he could give them a sheet with suggestions.
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