La lactancia materna

In this article you will find:

  • What reactions can bring ablactación?
  • Food supplement starting from the year
  • The time of introducing new foods into the diet

Once the child reaches 6 months, you need to change your diet, because it is going to demand it himself, at the time that you will modify their nutrient needs. In consequence, the child already can not continue to have a power that is grounded only in breastfeeding.

This change nutritional need of much help and, above all, patience on the part of the mom. What is important, is that you can tell if the small experience some food intolerance.

What reactions can bring ablactación?

It is likely that some element in particular, can cause diarrhea, fever, constipation, or any other complication to the child. The baby needs your body adjusts gradually to this change food.

Suppose that this stage corresponds to the mere mechanics by which traverse all the children, it would be a big mistake. While it is true that, all experiencing these changes, it does not correspond to a mechanical act, but is a process lived in different ways, depending on the child.

Food supplement starting from the year

  • It is completely counterproductive that the mother only feeds the child with breast milk, after the first year. The child could pass through a very serious risk of malnutrition.
  • It can happen that the baby cries, because they do not want to eat and the mom decide to go to the pediatrician. This, surely, will prescribe the consumption of food supplements.
  • The mom must be very aware that what your child eats has to correspond with your nutritional needs, as well as, your physical activity. Then, you will need to give food to when you stop being hungry.
  • At the beginning it will be tough to give a new food (about 3 days) and, subsequently, establishing a routine schedule for feeding. For example, in the morning, the bottle, accompanied by fruit or some yogurt.

The time of introducing new foods into the diet

  • From 7 months, the mother may invite you to test the meat, fruit and vegetables; but, of course, in small portions. These, of course, will increase, as your little one meets more old.
  • In this time of 7 months, the child is already able to recognize some emotions in the people who care for them. As would your mom, dad, brothers, etc. Then, this process is different in every child, it has to be approached with meticulous care by his mom.
  • If the mother follows the instructions of the doctor and is aware of what happens to your child, you should not have problems.
  • Only there could be a conflict, if it wavers its authority at the time of initiating change nutritional need.
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