During the first 3 months of life the right side of the baby is more sensitive than the left, which makes it a key point to start the stimulation early.

The specialists indicate that the right side of the body sends messages faster than the left side and is initially more sensitive to the touch, the soft sounds and visual objects. In fact, the newborn is alejarà of the objects presented by your left side more quickly than if they were filed by his right side.

How to call a child's attention with ease

To have the attention of a baby it is recommended to start always the interaction by presenting the stimulation on his right side. A good option is to get your attention by speaking to him gently by the right ear and stroking the right side of his body with different textures.

This conclusion derives from the reasoning about the dominance of the right side in the first few months of life. Of course we should not forget the stimulus on the left side, only because the right is more sensitive to the stimulus.

Due to the sensitivity difference, the baby may ignore the existence of the left-hand side. For that reason, you must make sure you do the right side of the baby to the stimulus which will be repeated by the left. That way the baby's body will develop bilateralism, that is the sensitivity on both sides.

Reinforcement for the behavior

There are many reinforcements for the behavior, but it has been found that the most powerful are:

  • A look: to face eye to eye and face to face.
  • One word: which may be any praise warm. The more words you use, the more you may want to the baby answer, thanking him talk.
  • Physical contact: it is powerful if you consider that only play to people that really want or you care about.
  • The touch: is a strong communicator of feelings.
  • Positive recognition: any attempt by the infant to initiate and maintain social exchanges must be reinforced
  • Smile: be sure to smile with the baby, because it is the most rewarding thing that he can receive. Babies understand the smiles. As well as is waiting for your smile, he is waiting the our.
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