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  • In all definitions of early stimulation include three aspects:
  • History

In South america the activities were launched in Uruguay in 1963, with works exclusively with children who had mental retardation and in 1967, she begins to use the early stimulation with high-risk children.

In all definitions of early stimulation include three aspects:

  1. The management of the environment or control through the application of intentional and deliberate of certain activities.
  2. The aim of the activities is to make optimum the general development of the child, ensuring satisfactory conditions of health and well-being at the physical level, emotional, social and cognitive; seeing the baby as an integral being who learns as a full human being. Every aspect is interrrelacionado with the other. The feeling of confidence and security, influences the development of different skills and vice versa.
  3. There is an optimal time to offer such activities, the sooner the better.


In the past few decades has taken awareness of the importance of education in preschool level, that is why the programs of attention to the toddler emerge in Latin America in the late NINETEENTH century and early TWENTIETH century, as a response to the general process of transformation of agrarian economies to industrial, which produces among other effects, an increasing incorporation of women to paid work, outside the home.

Before the existence of large sectors of the population who need more comprehensive care, have been developed in different countries alternative programs to the traditional approach, which is divided in 3 categories:

  1. The work with the child isolated from their social context: these programs focus their attention on the different dimensions of the development of the child without involving the family and the community in the development of the program.
  2. The child and his family:he raises the incorporation of a member of the family, usually the mother or a substitute for it, as the agent of the stimulation and care the child.
  3. The child and his / her community: these are programs that incorporate the various members of the community in actions that involve the enrichment of the child's natural environment.

The early stimulation is carried out with children from 0 to 3 years, and found marked effects, especially on the social area and language.

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