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  • How should be the power supply?
  • Some things that should be taken into account
The pregnant woman's nutrition is a topic that many times is taken lightly. During these months, your body will begin to change, you will need more protein and iron to help prevent anemia. Nutritionist Gloria Rebolledo explains to us on the subject.
According to a study released by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the risk factor maternal nutritional is high in developing countries. In our country, in both, of 344 mothers with newborn babies to term and without conditions, only 54% had nutritional characteristics prior to pregnancy, defined as normal, 35% were enflaquecidas and a 11% had overweight and obesity.
“Maternal weight prior to pregnancy is a longer-term indicator of the nutritional status of newborns. Mothers who start pregnancy underweight, have babies that are of lower weight at the end of the period, and in the case of mothers with overweight and obesity, their children have a greater weight,” says Gloria Rebolledo.
You have to consider that a woman's obesity during the period of gestation can:
  • Present problems such as high weight of the newborn.
  • Birth complications and the possibility that the mother increase even more your weight at the end of the pregnancy.

How should be the power supply?

The professional explains that it is not necessary to eat more during pregnancy, since during the first trimester, the intake should stay relatively normal, in the next period, the requirement increases by less than 10% of the total of a woman who is not pregnant.

Some things that should be taken into account

  • The weight gain is optimal for a pregnant woman fluctuates between 11 and 16 kilos, this considering favorable conditions before conception.
  • It is essential that you keep your doctor in order to protect the power supply in the pregnancy from the first month, resulting in all-important prenatal care.
  • In special situations of malnutrition, overweight or obesity on maternal, will be the specialist who will provide the guidelines according to your condition.

Eat well and healthy: meat and fish

The meats are indispensable as sources of proteins and minerals, for example, iron and zinc. The nutritionist recommended for those on low-fat cuts such as the bb black, pink, seat, choclillo, chicken, goose, tapapecho and steak. In terms of the chicken and the turkey, cook them and eat them without the skin.
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“The requirement for protein increases slightly in this period and can be covered easily with the contribution of a dairy more during the day, preferably skim, and adding to the power of weekly legumes, fish, eggs, and meats,” says the specialist.
“Iron is essential to prevent anemia ferropriva during pregnancy, the requirement increases considerably during this period remain difficult to cover it through the diet and is more complicated if there is a deficiency prior to pregnancy,” added the specialist.
Also, we advise you to avoid shellfish and shellfish because it may cause allergies or make the baby is likely to suffer from anal fissures after her birth.

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