For any parent it is important to the safety and well-being of their children, however, there are certain aspects that you overlooked, without having in mind that they may generate risk for the children.

A study in Chile, found that 76% of people who own swimming pools in their homes have them without the grilles, and 68% of the respondents do not have protection for the stove and kitchen. Are simple situations that could cause to us in great fright if we do not take the necessary security measures.

Where it is exposed to risk the child?

In this regard, the security expert Juan Carlos Poce and head of the medical team of Help, asserted that, “it is essential to educate parents and those who are in charge of the children from the household, around the prevention of and action in respect of the accidents in the home”.

In the meantime, when assessing the safety of their homes, the average score of the respondents went up to 5.6, because they said that they knew about the places that represent a greater risk of accidents in the home for the children, according to them the area of greatest danger is in the kitchen, then comes the bathroom and the patio-garden.

Despite the fact that most of the parents surveyed said that they knew about the vulnerable places inside the house, there is a lack of caution of the adults that exposes children to have accidents in the home.

The safety of the children

The specialist explains that in order to prevent accidents of children, it is essential to be aware that “leave to a minor child under the care of someone means constant vigilance. Children have much more imagination and therefore are further ahead in the face of situations that generate danger.”

Accidents in the home

  • According to a study of the POI, the second leading cause of death in children in Chile is the immersion, but in spite of this, 76% of parents do not have in your pool, a barrier of protection.
  • On the other hand, according to the figures of Coaniquem, each year, more than 100,000 children suffer from some kind of burns, of which many happen in their homes; however, only 68% of the families have some kind of protection in the kitchens and stoves.
  • Another study noted that, the falls are the second in importance of the trauma caused to the children, with 27%, and the parents are aware of the serious consequences that can have, but despite knowing it, do not take all the necessary measures to prevent these accidents from the children.
  • 63% do not have non-skid on the treads of the stairs, 59% has no doors or security barriers in the scales and a 56% do not have guard rails on cribs, cabins, and corrals.
  • Poisonings are also a major source of accidents within the home, and according to the study, 30% of respondents left at least once in a while a product for the toilet, an aliphatic hydrocarbon or a medication of the reach of children.

In general, accidents in the home are the most easily preventable, are enough some simple precautions that will avoid passing through bad times or very serious problems to both the parents and their children. Remember that the most important thing is prevention.

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