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  • Causes of foot deformities
  • Most common problems of malformations in the feet

The children's feet are extremely important, and parents need to take into account certain things to take care of your correct formation.

Causes of foot deformities

  • They can be acquired, that is to say, these are caused by bad habits, by making use of a footwear incorrect, it could also be related to hormonal disturbances or rheumatism.
  • The second cause is congenital malformations, including hereditary factors, or environmental, these deformities affect the development at the time of birth. Congenital malformations can be launched from the womb.

Most common problems of malformations in the feet

  • The flexible flat foot

Is characterized by a foot with a skeletal structure normal but with a lot of flexibility in your joints. Therefore, when the child stands up and supports his weight, the bridge collapses and the heel turns toward the outside.

  • Forefoot adductus

It is caused by a malformation congenital in origin or due to a bad position in the uterus. Although it usually straightens only, may require some special treatment that varies in degree, and that can go from the use of special footwear or use correctors at night, until the surgery.

  • Cavus foot

The cavus foot in infants can have its hereditary origin, usually for this type of malformations do not need treatment, because people can live with it without any problem. Some specialists ensure that the flat foot may have a neuronal origin.

  • Foot varus

It is called foot varus, when the heel of the child is supported by the outer part, this type of problems is not serious, because with templates you can correct the tread.

  • Foot equine

As in the foot varus, it is necessary to use templates when children only support the tips of the feet and do not get to seat the heel into the ground.

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  • Clubfoot

Clubfoot is a developmental deformity of the foot of the child, which will be in adduction, supination, varus, and equine animals, in this malformation all axes and points of support for normal foot are affected.

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