Beneficios de la lactancia materna

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  • Breastfeeding helps brain development
  • Sustained breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a bond that unites and strengthens the bond of mother and child, but it also benefits the brain development of babies. A research carried out by specialists showed the differences between breastfed babies and those who did not take breast milk.

Breastfeeding is what's best for the baby. A study conducted by researchers from Brown University, showed through tests of the benefits of breastfeeding in the development of the brain in children under 4 years.

Breastfeeding helps brain development

Babies who are fed exclusively with breast milk during the first three months of life have a greater development in key areas of the brain. The benefits are even greater if breastfeeding is prolonged.

This is not the first time that a study points in this direction, is the first with magnetic resonance imaging showed differences associated with breastfeeding in the brain development of healthy children.

We analyzed mri of 133 children between ten months and four years, divided into three categories of fed only breast milk, only with formula, or with a combination of the two. In addition, we examined the presence of myelin, a substance that protects the axons of neurons and allows the transmission of electrical impulses that travel through the brain.

The differences between the three groups were from two years of age, where they saw that the amount of myelin in children of exclusive breastfeeding exceeded 20% to 30%. The young were fed on mixed feeding also had higher growth, but was not so marked.

Sustained breastfeeding

The children who had breastfeeding more long, more than a year showed a growth in the brain greater than those who nursed for less time. The differences became noticeable in the area of the brain associated with motor skills.

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