The functions of the milk teeth are many, so it is essential for your care, not only will help you to feed your child his first solid food, also the teeth are involved in phonation and speech development and have an important aesthetic function.

The teeth of your child are very delicate, so it is important that you begin to take care of from the moment in which they appear, so as to avoid cavities and other problems, the dentist Carmen Ravanal, gives us important information about the health of the teeth and the prevention of cavities.

Oral hygiene

This should begin before the eruption of tooth, at first it is done with a cloth or gauze moistened; when it appears the first molar temporary pass to the brush, but without toothpaste up to 5 years.

“It is crucial to avoid the intake of snacks high in carbohydrates between meals because it favors the formation of cavities.” Explained the specialist.

Mouth mouth by tooth decay

The teeth, mainly during the first two years of life, are very delicate, if the child falls asleep with the bottle, the sugars in the liquid to have taken, they are combined with the bacteria in the mouth and produce desmineralizaciones that end in decay.

As to the sleep, the child almost did not swallow the last few sips of milk tend to stay in the mouth and left in contact with the teeth for several hours. To avoid that the child loses the tooth by decay, do the following:

  • Brushing teeth before sleep
  • Avoid giving sugary liquids between meals.
  • When you lie down to sleep, you should not be drinking milk or juice.
  • The child should not get used to drink liquid or milk in the bottle each time.
  • If she sleeps with you, you should not be stuck to the nipple to breastfeed when you want.

Trauma and loss of a piece of temporary

If a baby suffers a strong blow to a tooth can lose it, and by taking an x-ray sees the absence of the tooth, since it is not, it is silent, but that does not mean that they are not the permanent teeth.

At the age of 4 years the permanent teeth are in formation and your location is pretty high, and you see only a part of the tooth formation, the root is still not formed. These teeth come at the age of 7 years approximately, however, by the time it is important to a good hygiene of the teeth, and teeth that the child has, in order to avoid another loss.

It is very good that you take an x-ray to your son after the accident, it is very important to address any trauma, because it not only allows you to see what happens to the inside of the wishbone of your son, (presence of fractures), it is also a record that allows us to compare the time evolution of the trauma and the tissues that are injured.

Is crucial to avoid the emergence of bad habits, where the child is accustomed to tuck the tongue or other element in the space left by the missing tooth, as this can lead to major disruptions and deformations. Don't forget to bring your child to a regular check with the dentist.

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