Some women stop taking the coffee consumption during pregnancy, so avoid drinking beverages exciting, because it will cause nausea, or suggestions to medical.

What is certain is that, after you give birth can arise the question whether it is necessary to re-take a little coffee when you are breastfeeding, above all, by the insomnia of “tax” by the baby during the first months of life.

For the American Association of Pediatrics caffeine poses no risk during breastfeeding, it is even considered as a drink sure, however, is relative. The side effects (insomnia, nervousness, light sleep by the baby) from the consumption of caffeine during lactation will depend on the amount consumed and the susceptibility of the small.

What affected everyone the same?

Every baby is different, therefore, there are babies who are affected by a minimal amount of caffeine and others who can tolerate the mother to drink large amounts.

In this regard, a publication by ‘Caffeine Research’, explains that: “Some babies are not able to metabolize and eliminate caffeine as an adult, so that the intake of this substance on the part of the mother that breastfeeding your child can cause you to experience symptoms like insomnia and irritability”

How much coffee you take in order not to harm the baby?

  • Specialists recommend that the maximum amount of caffeine we can consume both in pregnancy and in breastfeeding is 300mg/day maximum.
  • The normal thing is not to present adverse effects on the babies.
  • The moderate consumption during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is relatively safe.
  • It should be noted that every baby is different, so some will be very receptive and others will be shown quite irritable and insomnia, regardless of the amount ingested.
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Usually a mother, who is breastfeeding, should limit their caffeine intake”, warns dr. Ruth Lawrence, Department of Pediatrics, University Rochester School of the united States, who insists that, after giving birth, mothers “should consume all kinds of food but with moderation”.

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