The dogs are also called dogs or domestic dogs belong to the species of the canidae, which is a subspecies of wolves. The size, shape, and fur depend on the race and origin of birth.

Are characterized by their hearing and smell is highly developed, their functions vary its qualities, size, character and training. The sound they emit is called bark, are animals that are bold, intelligent, faithful, kind and loving.

General characteristics of the dogs

  • Initially they were considered wild animals, so much so, that compared with the family of wolves, foxes and derivatives.
  • These inhabit the land to the pair of humans from thousands of years ago, being pets, advocates, and hunting partners.
  • Due to the correlation standing with the human being, the dogs were adiestrándose, and domesticándose, becoming the faithful companions of the people.

Each dog has different characteristics depending on their breed, however, in general lines:

  • Has four legs; the rear are the strongest and the best to go for a walk, helping them to jump and propel themselves at any time.
  • They also have a snout elongated, which in most cases comes accompanied with a few sharp teeth and large molars, which require your bite or the way of chewing.
  • The eyes of the dogs are not large, and although look very good, they let themselves be guided more by the sense of smell and hearing.
  • Its body is elongated and its head is separated from this by means of a strong neck.
  • Finally, they have a long tail and strong, which helps them to maintain balance when they run or walk.
  • A curious fact of the dogs is their language, when they are tired or thirsty, take this muscle to regulate body temperature which makes you feel better.

Dogs are the best friends of the children

For decades, the dog has accompanied families in their homes, these will become your faithful companions and teach children the sense of love, respect, and responsibility. They also help small and large in rehabilitation therapies, they become excellent friends and stimulators of our children.

Benefits that provide dogs to children

The dogs are able to teach the children:

  • The sense of responsibility.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Sociability.
  • Affection.
  • Help them to overcome their fears innate.
  • Taught to share.
  • Improve the development of the intuition and the sense of humor.

In the case of children introverts

Those little ones with difficulties to socialize, or who suffer harassment at school, the dog senses what is happening and accompanies the child at all times, providing safety to your partner, in this way, the child will develop better capacity, affective and intellectual.

In the case of the babies

Come to be a worthy example to imitate, following the steps of a canine, they may begin to make sounds to communicate, they also stimulate the crawling, and the motor activity in healthy, this reduces the risk to present strabismus.

When the children grow

It stimulates in the child the sense of responsibility, because this begins to feel the desire to meet the needs of the dog, this way not only makes them responsible but also organized and loving.

If the children want to have a dog at home, by seeing them as little toys with movement and life of its own, it is necessary to show them that they are living beings and care to merit the time and lots of dedication, we must teach them to treat our pets with respect.

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