Having a bad oral health during pregnancy can bring complications during childbirth, as the toxins and bacteria caused by the periodontintis come in contact with the bloodstream of the pregnant woman, causing alterations in the evolution of a fetus.

Although it seems irrelevant, in large part, the health of the body depends on the care of the mouth, more when you are pregnant, because oral health is inferred in the normal development of the fetus, increasing in this way, the risk of having a preterm delivery or giving birth to a baby of low weight according to their gestational age.

Also, the academic of the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS) indicated that “the lack of hygiene favors the multiplication of microorganisms in the oral cavity that can affect the ears, nose, throat, stomach, liver, heart, kidneys, and joints in women.”

The gums during pregnancy

It is during the gestation that the gums of women become more sensitive and vulnerable, which increases the risk of tooth decay and erosions acidic in the upper teeth, and this in the cases of pregnant women who presented vomiting during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The implantologist and periodontist in clínica dental Ferrus & Bratos, Jorge Ferrús, explains that, “hormonal changes experienced by pregnant women reduce the salivary flow causing progress in the caries incipient and swollen gums”

Periodontal disease

This is a clear consequence of the lack of hygiene, oral in pregnant women, in this sense, the gingivitis is situated as the alteration more common in the gestational period; causing this: bleeding and redness of the gums.

It is necessary to go with the specialist and start with a treatment and control for combartirla, otherwise it can impair the health of systemic the mother and affect the course of pregnancy. If you already have gum problems before pregnancy, during this will aggravate”, clarifies the specialist Jorge Ferrús.

The academic CUCS and president of the College of pediatric dentistry of Jalisco, Margarita Fruit Hernández, highlighted the importance to raise awareness among women about oral health during pregnancy and the effects that can arise in pregnancy and childbirth, “and after the baby is born, guide them to keep neat the mouth of your baby before and after teeth come in.”

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Tips for the care of teeth during pregnancy

  • Keep a oral hygiene thorough to control the bacterial plaque.
  • Take a balanced diet.
  • Periodically visit the dentist.

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