Challenges that are presented when you have a second baby

Being a mother is a feeling really wonderful, and it is a challenge that almost every woman wants to undertake with responsibility, love and dedication. However, compared to the arrival of a second baby, the moms we face challenges that I had not yet experienced.
The arrival of a second baby may awaken very different experiences in mothers who have already experienced the be the mom, to have this wonderful pleasure for a second time has its positive things:
  • The mother feels more prepared to cope with the symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Is willing to put aside all the myths that are around about breastfeeding.
  • You can make a better decision with regard to the way in which you want the birth of your baby: natural birth or water birth.
  • Increase the confidence you will have in your abilities.
  • One advantage of being a mother for the second time, is that you can have with accessories for kids, and clothing for mothers of first pregnancy.

Challenges of being a mother for the second time

  • Bringing the world to a second child and having to take care of two children at the same time can be difficult during the first few days. But all will be in arranged well before the baby is born.
  • Take care of two children is a challenge, especially when the age difference that exists between both is minimal. But don't worry, it's just a matter of getting used to.
  • The mother will have to deal with the jealousy of the first child, remember that he was used to be the only small house and always want to call the attention of their parents and family.
  • Go for a walk with your two children will be a challenge in total, since the mother must carry a bag with clothes or toys for both children, but “eye” it is all a question of habit.

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