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Injuries product of games are fairly common, and come up to a choke, which can cause severe damage to the health of your child. But how do you know how to choose toys? In Facemamá we give the necessary recommendations to avoid dangerous situations.

Toys are extremely important for the development of skills of the child, but sometimes when they are alone or when the toy is inappropriate for the age, produce some unfortunate accidents, so it is essential that you are careful every time they go to play.

Clearly you cannot always be attached to your child, so it is very important that before handing any object to read the instructions. So you'll be able to avoid your children to use those toys are not suitable for their age.

It is also necessary to review the safety warnings in the game and teach them to the child if it is larger. You must be careful, not only with the small parts, but also with the products and the chemical elements that compose it.

How to prevent accidents with toys in babies

  • When your baby is only a few months, most indicated are those plastic toys that will serve to tighten, make noise and have no small parts.
  • Another important element in the choice of mobiles and toys for your child are the ribbons and twine “because when the babies take can strangle themselves with them. In fact, most of the new toys come with pendants are very short, not with large threads that the baby can be removed when it begins to take things, such as their mobile,” explained the Doctor Guillermo Correia Dubos.
  • Bebé jugandoIt is common for children under three years of age to take everything to the mouth, so that they have banned toys with small parts. Sometimes the eye of a stuffed animal can cause a big problem. If your child is older, you must still remind you that you must not take any object to the mouth and not run when they have something because they can swallow.

Toys and older children

  • If it is a bit bigger and already plays to prepare food in the yard, before it verifies that there is some herb or stone that may cause cuts, poisoning or suffocation.
  • The ideal is that the place where you keep your toys to be a closet or a box without a lid. Should never be stored in plastic bags, because when you take them out it can suffocate.
  • If you're excited for the gift of your son, remember that you must remove and dispose of the packaging. If you don't want to throw it away, leave it in a place where you can not reach it, especially if it is less than three years.
  • If your child likes to play to the cops or to the indians, remember to check that there are no objects that do damage by being thrown or having ends with sharp edge that may cause some court.
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