Las células madres en los ovarios aumenta la fertilidad

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The female fertility is essential to be able to conceive a child, and it is of vital importance especially for those women who yearn to become mothers.

In this sense, must be met 2 important aspects to consider that a woman is fertile:

  1. The ovaries must be producing eggs of good quality to be able to be fertilized by a sperm.
  2. The uterus of the woman has to be able to maintain the pregnancy once fertilization.

calculadora de ovulación

But there is also a topic that is very important in the life of couples, and it is the female infertility and its consequences.

Female infertility is a problem of concern for all women who wish to become mothers, this can have various causes and can significantly affect the life of a couple.

Studies indicate that they can develop eggs fertile

U.s. scientists have discovered the existence of stem cells in the ovaries of women which, they believe, would be able to develop eggs fertile.

Until a few years ago it was believed that women were born with a particular number and limited the eggs and that the body was not able to generate more, however a 2004 study on mice opened the possibility that not outside thus. In this research it was discovered that the adult females of mice were capable of generating new oocytes.

The discovery of stem cells in the ovary is a major breakthrough in favor of fertility, since for the reproductive health of women, these results have many positive consequences. Some specialists claim that if they can get to the stage of generating human oocytes functional outside the body, could be reescribiríamos assisted reproduction, human.


  • Women who want to be mothers, and want to know about the progress of these investigations, you can consult with a good specialist.
  • If you can't get pregnant after trying for a long time, consult with a doctor.
  • Discover the causes that can delay conceiving is fundamental to ending the problem.
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