Do you inherit the children the trauma of their parents?

It has been shown that all of those traumas suffered by the parents, directly influence the genes, and these transmit changes directly to the children.
Studies confirm that if the parents were victims of the nazi holocaust, famine, severe, traumatic accidents, or incidents, disruptive, have a higher predisposition to heredarle diseases to the children.

What trauma or genetic legacy?

This is because, those experiences affect your DNA and this in turn is transmitted to the children, therefore, they would be born with loads biological legacy, however, this does not define the temperament and personality of the infant, it is possible to modify this load giving a loving environment and stimulating, as the child would be born with those positive experiences that they have lived in the parents.
It should be noted that all those emotions that you experience during the mother's pregnancy, are also transmitted to the baby.
A study conducted by a team of researchers from the Hospital Mount Sinai, in New York, united States, presented a clear example of how the epigenetic inheritance affects the genes of the children and even the generations following. “This is the first evidence in humans -of which we have knowledge - of an epigenetic mark in the offspring based on the exposure of parents before conception,”says Yehuda, part of the team of specialists.

What is epigenetics?

Although his theory caused a bit of controversy, is defined as the style of life of the person (environment, smoking, stress, experiences, food) that can cause genetic changes in the offspring and influence their development.
Although this scientifically proven that the only way to transmit biological information in the offspring is through the genes that are within the DNA, these can be modified by the presence or influence of the environment, by means of a kind of chemical label (the epigenome), which achieves to join at the DNA and functions as a switch, that is to say, modifies expression of genes.
Although the experts still not able to establish how to produce the transmission, have concluded that “the children of parents with post-traumatic stress disorder are probably more prone to depression, while the opposite effect seems to occur in the children of mothers who suffer from the same disorder”.
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