ahogamiento secundario en los niños

This type of drowning is a disease unusual, and it is for this reason that we do not know of its existence and what to do to save the lives of our children. It is of great interest give to know about it and warn other parents about the risks of drowning secondary to the children, when it is not served on time.

It is possible that although the child has been rescued from the water at the moment, and breathe, within the next 72 hours can present a drowning child, putting at risk the life and stability of the child.

We speak of a drowning child, when the child still has water with chemicals in your body, which, if not detected and treated in time can bring unfortunate consequences. It is important to note that for the occurrence of a drowning secondary, or dry, the child had to have suffered any of these two, previously, with resuscitation.

When it comes to dry drowning occurs a spasm of the larynx, because this is closed as a protection, and no water is entering the water, but not air comes. On the other hand, the drowning child begins when the water enters into the lungs and get stuck there, in spite of the maneuvers of resuscitation.

What to do after the drowning, with resuscitation?

Even though the child already is breathing, it is vital to take him to the pediatrician or to a hospital immediately.

In the organism of the child can be accumulation of fluids, called pulmonary edema, this causes difficulty breathing, and although it does not appear right away, it can present up to 76 hours after the drowning, bringing with it severe consequences and even the death of the person.

Symptoms of drowning, secondary

  • In the first instance, it presents the difficulty breathing.
  • Cough is intense and unceasing.
  • Tiredness or extreme exhaustion.
  • Difficulty to pronounce words.
  • Loss of memory.
  • A lack of attention.
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Although to the naked eye are signs of “normal” that you can present to the child after a day comprehensive of beach or pool, remember that if there was dry drowning with resuscitation, you must take the child to the hospital. Here it should remain several hours in observation.

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