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  • Consumption of mate in the pregnancy
  • How may impair the mate to the baby's health?

Pregnancy requires mothers to change certain lifestyle habits, including smoking, drinking alcohol, eating fat, eat fast foods, or intake of certain caffeinated beverages. Caffeine can be present not only in coffee, but also in the different teas.

Consumption of mate in the pregnancy

Some women consume mate during pregnancy thinking it does not cause harm to the baby, however some specialists claim that the matte contains some amount of caffeine, which can be harmful to the health of the small.

Until today, there is no study to indicate how much it will affect the consumption of mate in the development of the baby. But what if you can ensure the doctors is that drinking coffee is a habit that does not let it get the child to his maximum potential during their training.

How may impair the mate to the baby's health?

A clinical study at the Hospital Pereira Rossell revealed that drinking two liters of mate per day affects the weight of the babies. The neonatologists found that the caffeine of this popular infusion prevents the baby to feed normally.

The caffeine that contains the mate can get to produce three drawbacks:

  • Excessive consumption of mate can cause vasospasm, a phenomenon that disturbs the blood vessels and makes the placenta will pass less food to the baby.
  • When the caffeine reaches the baby, it runs the risk that at the end of the pregnancy increase the beats of your heart, which makes the child inside the womb becomes much more restless.
  • The consumption of caffeine through the matte may have an impact on the final weight of the child.

It is important that mothers are informed about the foods or beverages that may harm the health of the child. Being informed will allow you to carry a healthy pregnancy.

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