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New mothers after giving birth, they face to the fears and myths that revolve around breastfeeding. Know what are the fears and myths about breastfeeding and how to address them.

Studies indicate that breastfeeding is not carried out by all mothers. Only 80% of newborns are breastfed, since this practice has not been employed by all women for fear of the famous myths that exist in society, fears that are implanted in the mother's life due to lack of information about the topic.

One of the most common myths in mothers

Many mothers think that don't expel the milk necessary for the first few days indicates that there will be able to carry out its process of breastfeeding with satisfaction. This is a myth, and totally false, as during the first five days after giving birth the mother only produces colostrum (yellow liquid and thick that will feed the child properly during the first few days).

If in your plans is to stop breastfeeding, or not practicing breastfeeding, then it is advisable that you know what the benefits are that the child is breast-feeding before taking such an important decision.

5 important reasons to breastfeed

  1. Breastfeeding your child will help in the development of the intelligence, as the nutrients it provides, breast milk helps the intellectual development of the child.
  2. Children who are breastfed can create a link maternal very strong.
  3. Prolonged breastfeeding can be prevented in the child, 2 types of diabetes, and around 12 types of cancers.
  4. Women that carry out the process of breastfeeding can lose between 300 and 500 colorías daily.
  5. Feed the baby with natural milk helps the uterus of the woman is reduced to its normal form.
  6. Breastfeeding decreases the chance of getting breast cancer.


  • Many mothers think that while it carries out the process of breast-feeding should eat the double. This is completely false: the mother should eat a healthy, balanced diet, that meets their needs, but not in excess.
  • The woman should have a varied diet with an adequate intake of milk and dairy products.
  • The mother that has brought the world to a baby by caesarean section can breastfeed without any problem. The c-section does not interfere with the production of the milk.
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