During the nine months of pregnancy we prepare to welcome the baby, we organise absolutely everything and acquire all those details and accessories that you will need to our small when it is born, but there is always the doubt of knowing what more do you need?

Do we buy diapers enough?, is that the amount of clothes they need?, do co-sleeping, cohabiting, or cot?, how do we install the car seat? There are so many details that we need to prepare before the arrival of the baby that we generated a bit of anxiety and stress, to assume that something we lack and do even the impossible to be prepared, therefore for thy welfare we will tell you what you need to be quiet at the time of carrying the baby home.

What you need for the baby after the baby is born

Taking into account home mom is different, the circumstances are different, and that each one will have their own style of parenting, the important thing is to meet the needs of the baby in the first instance.
  • Diapers: Are cloth or disposable, are highly needed during the next two or three years, so try to buy in each time you visit the shops. It is normal that you will have to change diapers every two hours or less.
  • Clothing: Though not necessarily you have to buy a lot, because babies grow very fast and are losing, you have to have a few teddy bears, t-shirts, enteritos, monkeys, hats and mittens, which will be used during your first few weeks.
  • Blankets: Effective to cover the baby from the cold, the sun or the breeze, you can buy a dozen and for sure they will serve you for many years.
  • A cot or cot bed: Even when you go to practice co-sleeping, the moment will come when the baby needs its space, so eventually it is ideal that you leave it sleeping for a while in his cunita, taking the necessary security measures.
  • Car: Though some moms claim that it is not necessary, if you live in a big city, or simply you like rides, this will be the ideal accessory to go for a walk with your baby.
To give the proper comfort to the baby will bring many benefits to their development. However, lor material does not complement the love and time that mom and dad should give to the child from birth. See also: frequently asked Questions of first-time mothers

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