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The team Facemama spoke with Patrick Mizón, a specialist in Civil Registration, who clarified some doubts with respect to the registration of the baby and the order of the surnames.

Per year, enroll more than 300,000 births in Chile and about 15%, i.e. about 45 thousand children, corresponds to awards made by only one of the parents. In these cases, it is usual that the lower bearing repeated the surname of the progenitor, but there are other options on how to select a surname for the baby, in the same way as you select the name.

The law raises an obligation that at birth, or within a maximum period of 30 days, the baby is enrolled in the Civil Registry of the district where they carried out the delivery. The procedure can be performed by any of the parents, independent of the existence of marriage. But there is also the possibility of a third party that is 18 years or older to register, in the event that the term stipulated by the law to perform this procedure has expired.

The surname of the child

Now, before you perform the registration of a baby must choose the name or names of stack that will be, as well as the surnames, though not the order of them. There are several options that the Chilean legislation presented to the parents at the time of register and put the last name of the child:

  • If the baby is born under a marriage, or is recognized by both parents: “On surnames, necessarily, has to be first the father of the father (first surname of the dad) and then we must follow the father of the mother first surname of the mother),” explains Patrick Mizón.
  • In the event that one of the parents is absent: “people can choose the surname of the father or mother absent, that is to say, it is of free choice in the same way as they choose the name of stack”, clarifies Mizón.

The lawyer also explains that it is always obligation to put the surname of the one who recognizes the son. If it is the mother, the first surname of the baby is left to the free choice of it, but it is mandatory that the second surname of the baby is the mom.

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How to register a baby?

To request the entry of the baby must attach some documents, which will vary according to the person who is performing the procedure:

  • Proof of delivery: it is the document issued by the midwife or the physician who certifies the birth of a child. Through this we identify both the mother and the baby. If for any reason it were not for this document, should be credited with two witnesses.
  • Identity card: it is necessary that this document is current and in good condition. If it is the parent who enrolls and there is no marriage, you must also bring the identity card of the mother.

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