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  • What you should never do
  • Precautions to avoid infections food

Infections food can cause pain, vomiting, diarrhea, gastroenteritis, and other more serious consequences in children and the entire family. Know some tips to prevent them.

A large percentage of food poisoning suffered by children are the product of poor handling that is done in the home. This is not to say that there is a lack of hygiene necessarily, but many times there are foods that do not know how to prepare accordingly.

Digestive diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can be found in the environment, or which are transported by the human being.

It is very important to follow the directions of refrigeration and cooking, as this will remove many harmful elements that came into contact with the product.

Remember that children, pregnant women and the elderly are the ones who are more likely to get infections or food toxiinfecciones.

What you should never do

  • When cooking remember to keep your hands and nails clean, as they are both good transport of germs and infections.
  • You also can't have contact with a person just out of the bathroom without washing their hands.
  • If you're serving food, do not touch raw foods before, because you can introduce infections in the foods that are already cooked.
  • You should remember that you can not use cloths or dirty utensils, as well as water that is not potable.
  • If there are bugs hanging around, keeps closer to the food because they tend to perch on any item unhealthy.

Precautions to avoid infections food

  • Wash all crockery and cutlery with hot water, the cold water does not kill infections and bacteria. Once you've finished washing, disinfect the sponge or the cloth that you use; also change it constantly.
  • Try to avoid wooden objects, because they may have scrapes or edges that are propitious for the proliferation of germs.
  • Clean your hands every time you touch raw food and don't mix with cooked in the same pot, but until they are both cooked.
  • All the surfaces where you prepare and locate food must be clean, so try disinfect them periodically.
  • If your baby still uses a bottle, remember to disinfect it each time you use it, in the article “How to choose and sterilize the bottle from the baby” you'll find the correct way to do it.

Finally, if your child or anyone in your family have headaches, vomiting or stomach discomfort, go immediately to a health center and don't forget to be clear about what was the last thing that consumiste, this is key for the treatment to apply.

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