Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful that can live for a couple. Having a child is amazing regardless of the gift you decide to obsequiarte nature according to their sex.

Don't know what the sex of the baby is in the tummy, you can encourage creativity and the love in the parents. Also avoids falling into the stereotypes that restrict the behavior of the family and friends that surround us, that is to say, if it is a girl, we're going to be consent physically or to decorate her bedroom in pink; if it is a boy, we will be more strict if he cries or give him toys more violent.

Advantages of knowing the sex of the baby

  • To know the sex of the baby allows the parents to name them by name while they are in the tummy.
  • Name the baby by his name since before arriving in the world, can help prospective parents to establish a bond early on with the child.
  • To know the baby's gender will help to better plan the shopping, because you can buy more specific things.
  • Helps make the pregnancy more fun, because you can plan parties to reveal the sex of the baby.

But not knowing the sex of the baby also brings positive things:

  • Helps to encourage creativity, therefore, along with your partner will seek the way to make the best decoration for your little boy or girl.
  • When you do an ultrasound and tell you the sex of your baby is an unforgettable moment, but to know the sex of the baby just when you're about to give birth is a double surprise. If this is the case, the ideal is that the father accompany the woman into the delivery room.
  • Say that you need to know what is the baby to buy it all, it is only a folly. That's pink for girl, blue for a boy, it is just a stereotype of society.
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