We live all the stages of the growth of the baby so thoroughly that suddenly the time passes in a hurry and we don't realize, since they are born and until they begin to take their first steps, the first year of the baby it is all an adventure.

During this period also appear the first little teeth, and although the biting on the nipples are not pleasant, also enjoyed this experience. Itching and the urge to bite all of what they find around them, are the main signs that occur teething babies. In this regard, the pediatric dentist Network Health UC; Carmen Ravanal, provides us with important details.

The baby's first teeth

The appearance of the first tooth happens around the 6 months of the baby's life and along with this come a few annoyances that make you uncomfortable, itch the gums and feels the need to bite things to reduce itching.

There are cases in which is also associated with the onset of a fever, but has not been shown that the output of the teeth is the direct cause. If there are natal teeth, which are present from birth, it is recommended that the evaluation of the dentist, as they can hinder the breastfeeding causing erociones in the nipple of the mother, and in the case of being very mobile and can be dangerous.

Signals that indicate that the baby teeth are coming in:

  • Excessive salivation.
  • Cough due to excessive salivation.
  • Need to bite things to relieve the pressure of the output of the tooth.
  • Refusal to eat.
  • A mild fever.
  • Local redness of the gums.
  • Irritability.


It is recommended to rub the baby's gums with your finger or give him something to chew on, preferably cold. When you feel more discomfort, a consultation with the pediatrician what remedy can you give her to be quiet and could sleep without problems.

At what age should stand in the teeth?

  • The ages of eruption of tooth are for reference and there is a large variation with respect to them.
  • As well as there are children that have a rash, tooth at 4 months, others are year. This is totally normal, it is a pattern of inheritance that passes from parents and grandparents to the children.
  • Probably if you or your partner had a rash later, your son will get it also, but until the year can be considered normal.

If you pass the year and there is no eruption tooth should bring the child to the dentist to find out what could be the cause of this delay.

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