Maximum safety in your swimming pool

The drowning is the second leading cause of death in children under 18 years in Chile and the world. Facemamá presents you with a modern system to protect your children from the pools.
In Chile, one thousand one hundred children die each year because of various accidents. 25 percent of them are accidents on board of cars, and 20 percentage points, the second place is suffocation by immersion. That is to say, the death of infants, especially under five years of age, by submersion in a liquid medium.
“This means that 220 to 230 children a year die for this reason, in Chile. That is, more or less, 0, 75 small to the day, that is to say, two children each three days”, accurate, with concern, the pediatrician and expert in child safety, dr Carlos Hinzpeter.
Currently the market offers different alternatives for maximum safety in your swimming pool:
  • One of the most well-known is the grate, which must completely enclose the enclosure and whose approximate height you must get to a metro and 30, with a spacing of eight inches between the bars.
  • In addition, you should avoid leaving any item that will allow a child to skip protection and suffer in the same way an accident.
The face of this disturbing situation, Hemel Productions brought to Chile a modern device which in Canada won the prestigious Innovation Award in 2004. This is Safety Turtle, an alarm that indicates the precise moment in which your child has been submerged in the water.

Safety Turtle

It is a bracelet-shaped watch, and a fun turtle that you have to put the child in his wrist. Is subject thanks to a special wrench by means of a single click, keeps the bracelet secured to the small.
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In turn, the device is wirelessly connected to a Base Station. It can be placed up to 60 meters of the pool; in the event that you don't have sockets nearby or you are in a lagoon, has a battery that you can recharge in the car.
When your child begins to use the bracelet, you'll see that: “If it is splashed with water nothing will happen, but at the time to drown in the pool, it will begin to sound an alarm that reaches 110 decibels, and that does not cease until you go along to him, I pull out the bracelet and dry it,” says the doctor.
By purchasing this product you will notice that the Base Station has no expiry date, although if the wristbands. These are changed every five years, the approximate period that lasts the battery that contain, precisely because before the 12 months is very unlikely that the child fall in the water, because it does not walk. “The risk arises from the year of life and up to six, since usually a child of five or six years knows how to swim,” says pediatrician and expert in child safety.

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