Despite all the myths that circulate around the fact of having sex during the pregnancy, the reality is that; when there are no complications external, so you can bring various benefits.

To believe that we can harm the baby or speed up the delivery, cause any irritation or propiciarnos an irreparable blow with the penetration, are the only beliefs that cause many couples to remain abstinent months of gestation.

Benefits of having sex during pregnancy

For the wellbeing of the baby: The anxiety caused by the birth and rearing of a baby can alter to the parents, for that reason, the state of mind and the love link between the partner to ensure the optimal development of the baby during the pregnancy.

Minimizes stress: sex helps you release tension, which in many cases come along with pregnancy.

Increases the self-esteem: With the physical changes brought by the pregnancy, some women come to feel unattractive and thus not desired, therefore, sexual interaction with the partner helps to break that false belief.

A good “birth control”: When the woman is already in a state, you can enjoy sex without worrying about if they will become pregnant, this helps the woman to relax and enjoy even more.

Preparation for childbirth: Although it may seem irrational, the vaginal muscles are stimulated and exercised in the face of the delivery when you have had sexual intercourse during the pregnancy, in such a way that they will assimilate in a better way the dilatations and contractions.

Greatest pleasure: During pregnancy it is likely that the vagina is more sensitive and lubricated, so that the woman will feel the greatest satisfaction in intercourse.

Babies ‘happy’: The substances of pleasurable that are expelled at the moment of orgasm, make your baby feel relaxed and surely with a feeling of happiness.

It is necessary to highlight that if it is a high-risk pregnancy or if there is a threat of premature birth the specialist gp you can talk to the parents about what they can do and what not to, to avoid putting at risk the health of the baby and the mother.

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