As mothers we are concerned about the safety of our children while we are away from him, in this case, the market offers various products so that we can hear and see how the baby when we are not close.

Previously, the mothers had, they could monitor their little ones using a radio intercom, which allowed them to listen to any suspicious sound emitted by the baby. These devices work as well as walkie talkies, however, have the limitation of not being able to see in real time what the child does.

The safety of your baby in modern times

There are several alternatives on the market ideal for a modern mother, the technology has evolved and tends to give us a little life. You may feel uncomfortable leaving the baby alone in your room, go to the bathroom or the kitchen, if so, the best alternative is a monitor wireless for your care.

  • The monitors for babies wireless hidden cameras; you can even find with the shape of a puppy or teddy bear, help to facilitate its detection, in addition to joining comfortably in any type of decor.
  • The two models are easy to operate, excellent resolution and design very light weight.
  • Through a hidden camera in the teddy bear, the mother of a newborn what you can monitor with color picture and audio, reflected on the LCD screen of the device, which is also portable, ultra lightweight, and recharges as a cell phone.
  • The coverage range of the monitors is 80 to 100 linear feet without obstacles, also, and within his special feature, you can transmit four different channels, that is to say, if you have two children, it is possible to place a camera stuffed in each part and with only change the channel, to see both places on the same device: color and listening to everything.

Did you know that there are alarms against loss of children?

  • If you are concerned about visiting crowded places, this wireless device of Superbox allows you not to lose contact with your little one in the event that away from you.
  • The process is quite simple, since the alarm you can place it in the shoe of your small to prevent it from being removed, as the receiver, you can leave it in your keychain.
  • If the child is out of sight, you press a button and it activates quickly to the sound of an alarm that tells you your location, in addition to, in case you are out too much and don't notice it, the signal is triggered automatically to prevent.
  • The alarm anti-lost is completely wireless, features a bear design that integrates clothing of any child, since you can choose between a device blue or pink, as the case may be, in addition, covers almost about 80 linear feet.
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Although it is not easy to be separated from the children, modernity offers us a variety of solutions so that we can feel calm inside the home, leaving the safety of your little one who are experts in the topic.

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