Should we force the children to eat?

We care for our children, for their well being and above all by power, to create habits in your daily diet is a routine that should start from very small, however, or pressuring children to eat or restrict food it is a good idea.
It is not a new practice, the fact of forcing children to eat, from many years ago, our parents also we were forced to eat what was left on the plate. However, specialists have pointed out that this is not correct, since the child knows when and how much you need to eat.
In this regard, the dietitian, nutritionist, and writer of several books; Julio Basulto, suggests that: “we must not insist that our children eat something they don't want, the more amount of you want or faster than you can”. Be insistent and violent when creating eating habits, we'll only be creating negative results.

Why we should not force the child to eat?

  • When we force the child to eat what you don't want to, in them can have unwanted effects, and a great proof of this is the overweight or obesity.
  • It is also possible that the child adopts behaviors of type a purgative.
  • The obesity also adhere to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
Also, a research found that parents of children with overweight have to restrict the intake of food which is not beneficial for the boys, on the other hand, the parents of those children with normal weight or “under weight”, are the ones who mostly require them to eat more than the body of the infant can tolerate.

Habitual behaviors that we should avoid

  • Threatening the child.
  • Make you feel bad.
  • Telling lies for you to eat.
  • Pressing down or insistirle.
  • Scare them
  • Mistreatment, by physical and psychologically.

What do you do to eat?

  • Give it time, because each child eats in their own way and at their own pace.
  • Offering food or new recipes.
  • Avoid distractions when eating.
  • Eat as a family, and above all, give the example.
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