If you are pregnant and you feel a craving compulsive by eating chocolates or burgers in the mall, pay attention, because you could fall in excesses and cause harm to your baby.
It is well known that one popular phrase that you are invited to “eat for two” during pregnancy is already outdated. The idea is that you consume a diet balanced according to the nutritional requirements that you require these nine months.
We know that it is difficult, as well as makes clear the nutritionist Gloria Rebolledo, who explains that the temptations are the same as at any period of life. “Women have a tendency to the intake of refined sugars when we are stressed, the pregnancy produces a series of hormonal changes, so that it is a stage of stress to the body. But it is prepared, so that you should be rational in the moment of seem, considering that it is a mouthful occasional”, explains the specialist.

Six foods to control during pregnancy

  • Chocolates
The nutritionist explains that the chocolates contain fat, in addition to fostering the constipation during pregnancy. That is to say, encourage constipation, which can bring you more of any discomfort.
  • Caffeine
If you're consuming excessive coffee you have to pay attention. According to nutritionist Gloria Rebolledo, the caffeine elevates maternal blood pressure, hampers the digestion and decreases the absorption of calcium.
  • Fat
Fats are not the best foods for pregnancy, promote the increase of weight, and depending on whether they are animal or vegetal origin, can alter the blood levels of total cholesterol.
  • Soda
Sugar-sweetened beverages provide lots of calories, the gas contained stimulate the appetite which favors the reflux. If you are black, increase the maternal blood pressure and decrease the absorption of calcium.
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  • Canned
Within the food for pregnant women, you have to pay attention with the canned. In the words of the nutritionist, some have a high intake of salt, so care must be taken not to add extra. Canned sweet in both, have high concentrations of sugar and therefore contribute to weight gain.
  • Salt
Consuming excess salt stimulates the appetite, promotes fluid retention and raises the blood pressure of the mother.
If you still have doubts about those foods that you should consume, see your doctor or go to the Ministry of Health guidelines recommendations for good nutrition of the pregnant woman.

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