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That children are born with a tooth, the truth is not something too common, however, it is true that there are cases of babies who, at the time of birth or in the first few weeks of life, counted with the presence of some teeth, which is known today as teeth, neonatal tooth, congenital teeth, fetal teeth and early, among others.

Consequences of teeth neonatal

  • Teeth neonatal lower than commonly produced irritation and ulceration on the posterior part of the tongue, by the sharp edges or tips of the enamel.
  • The presence of these teeth make the newborn to reject the intake of breast milk or formula.
  • Can cause problems during feeding the mother's breast, since the nipple can become irritated causing problems to the child to suck properly.
  • The presence of teeth neonatal may be associated with some syndromes, such as cases of children with cleft lip.

What to do before the appearance of teeth neonatal?

The first thing that we should take into account is that although at first sight these teeth have a look “normal”, lack of mineralization, which makes them look dysplastic or hipomineralizados, which means that they are more likely to suffer wear and tear.

It is extremely important that the parents go to a specialist if you arrive to observe the appearance of teeth premature, as it is quite likely that these teeth have no root and are not fixed in the normal way, which could be a risk to the child. A tooth that does not have a firm root may break off and cause a choking by choking.

Treatment for teeth neonatal

  • The treatment will depend on the characteristics of the tooth, that is to say, if it is a tooth that has a firm root doctors opt for to Polish the sharp edge of the tooth so that it does not cause damage in the language of the small.
  • If the doctors consider that the tooth is too weak and can break off, then proceed to perform an extraction in a doctor's office, to carry out this procedure must be applied to the child local anesthesia.
  • Once you practice the extraction, you will be asked to the mother who immediately gives suck to the baby so that the little is calm and encouraging in this way the healing.
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