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The heel prick test is a test that is applied to infants, this allows the specialist to detect early a number of congenital diseases.

When should you carry out the heel prick test?

It is advisable that the heel prick test is performed about 48 hours after birth. The parents must not leave the hospital without having verified that it conducted this examination. This is a necessary test is free and reliable, which is vital for the baby.

What is the evidence?

The neonatologist or pediatrician is responsible for taking the sample of blood in the heel of the child. When you get a few drops of blood are placed in the circles absorbent located on a card (Guthrie cards). After a few days the doctors will be called to inform about the results.

What allows you to detect the heel prick test?

The test of the heel prevents the onset of serious delays in mental and physical development of children:

  • Detects metabolic diseases congenital, such as congenital hypothyroidism.
  • It also has the ability to detect phenylketonuria and cystic fibrosis.
  • Prevents metabolic diseases.

The hiperfenilalaninemias, galactosemia, biotinidase deficiency, the disease of maple syrup, homocystinuria, defects of beta-oxidation of medium-chain fatty acids and tyrosinemia are some of the abnormalities which can also be detected with this test.

Why is it important to the early detection?

There are many diseases that cause significant health problems with the passing of the years, but that, if it is discovered and treated in time, do not leave sequelae and the affected children can lead a normal life.


  • The pain that causes the blood shot in the heel, and the pressure to extract the drops of blood is not as strong, however will be annoying to the baby and cry. You should have patience and wait for the feeling passes.
  • It has been found that an excellent way for you hurt less, is to give the chest during the process or right after the blood draw.
  • Babies who take a bottle can be given water or sugar.
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