Therapy Reiki is an eastern technique is very ancient, which is used to harmonize the energy of the body and through this is looking for the cause of the discomfort of the person to be healed in a natural way through sessions, where the energy and aura play a fundamental role to achieve it.

The word Reiki is split into two parts: rei means loving intelligence that is all-permeating, and ki, creative energy that holds everything. This energy is taken by means of the chakras that unite the energy bodies, stripped of our aura with the physical body.

Seven chakras that are distributed throughout the body of the person

  1. Root or base: located in the perineum.
  2. Sex: below the navel in the genital area.
  3. Solar plexus: below the ribs in the middle.
  4. Heart: located just above the breastbone in the middle.
  5. Throat or laryngeal.
  6. Third eye: between the eyebrows.
  7. Crown: upper part of the head.

What is it?

It is a type of complementary medicine that works on the harmonization of the inner being on the basis of energy, thanks to this, it also harmonizes the physical body, healing the cause of the problem or ailment.

“Reiki heals the effect by healing the cause, so it is a little slower. It is not a miracle, it is a kind of laying on of hands that goes and channeling the energy”, says María del Pilar Dois, teacher, teacher and therapist in Reiki, the Center of Encounter and Therapies Reiki Lur.

The specialist explains that this is not only to put the hands to heal the person, but rather is a personal work, where the patient must want to heal: “it Is a journey of spiritual and psychological”.

The energy of Reiki is universal, creative and loving, because of the quality of vibration that has a healthy, the cause of the problems. In this way, leads to the inside of the person, holds the power to see where the problem is.


The procedure for performing the Reiki is simple: it accommodates the patient on a stretcher, without shoes, with clothes, with music, smell and atmosphere pleasant. Then begin to work on the chakras one by one, starting at the head. Everything is done through the laying on of hands.

The Reiki serves as a catalyst to the medicine normal. Supports that the remedy to act more quickly, in addition to healthy spiritual and emotional,” says Mary of the Pillar Dois.

This therapy can take any person, with the condition that has the desire and the willingness to heal. It is good for pregnant women, because it helps to connect with the baby, also for the kids, but until they are seven years old, they are made from the throat down, the head is not, because there is a chakra, and as they are in a learning process, it should not be touching be area.

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