Many reasons can cause us to have to shorten the time period recommended for breastfeeding and opt for the feeding bottle; either by extraction of milk or by supplementary feeding (formula), even when specialists are advised to extend breastfeeding up to two years of life.

Natural weaning

There are cases in which the children are still feeding on the mother's breast exceeding six months, until they voluntarily decide to leave it, and others, for their part, end the feeding before two years of age or before six months.
Weaning for many decades has been a reason of frequent consultation as many times the baby just wants to get breast and not nipple.
This situation produces anguish on the mothers who must enter the work and also creates stress when you leave for a time greater than the hours in that given chest. In this regard, the pediatrician Mariela Muñoz, of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile provides us with important information for a weaning respectful.

Weaning respectful

If your baby has just been born, you have to use any strategy that serves to maintain breastfeeding, either stimulating milk production as:
  • Sulpiride.
  • Bioactiv-L.
  • Protectors poppies.
  • Pacifier tensioner nipple.
If you already tried everything and still you are unable to breastfeed, remember that you need to feed your newborn with expressed milk or formula infant formula and use of pacifiers over silicone, you have to wash it with liquid detergent and boiling it 5 minutes before use.

The transition

The stage of weaning may not necessarily be easy, it is important that before the mother is aware of some facts that can occur when you do this, so that you are not taken off guard. Ideally this transition should be done between 6 months and one year of life, on the other hand it then becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Anticipate the moment: the idea that it will not be sudden, let him to play before the bottle, so you will know first and will not be so strange when the passes filled with milk.
  • Generate schedules: create a habit of bottle feeding always at the same time and in an environment pleasant and quiet.
  • Enjoy the moment: it is a beautiful insatancia to share and enjoy in family
  • Do it as a routine: you must not show that it is very important to show you the bottle for the first time , don't show anxiety that the take.
  • That is not the mother to give the bottle: Try and make sure the first few times he gives it to dad or another close person who is not a mother, so you will not feel desire to take chest to be close to his mother.
  • Give him bottle when he is hungry: that is, do not give him anything to eat or drink prior to the bottles (less maternal breast), so it can't reject it, because you will feel desire to feed.
  • Dale expressed milk of the mother: If this is not possible you prefer milk initiation or continuation, depending on the age of the infant.
  • Rehearse with another liquid previously: as you may be to reject the content more than the container. If you put expressed milk, you are going to prefer the breast, but with another liquid (water, fruit juice) then you can accept it with more ease.
  • Stay away from the place where the little one is eating: If your child listens to you or you feel even when you're not in the room, they will give account of your nearness and prefer the chest.
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