Children from birth already have a temperament well-marked. Several psychological studies have determined that there are three types of temperament in infants: easy, difficult, and the apathetic. Although all of them have different types of intensity, sometimes, can have a mixture of several.

Babies with temperament easy

  • Their habits are repeated at the time of sleeping or eating.
  • Can be calm to crying more easily, since your driving is predictable.
  • You do not have problems of adaptation when there is any change that affects you.
  • Smile for everything.
  • They are charismatic.

Babies with difficult temperament

  • Don't smile with ease.
  • Not adapt quickly to changes.
  • Babies who have a difficult temperament may become irritated by everything.
  • These children require high doses of patience on the part of the parents.
  • All your environment has to be structured and the changes should be introduced systematically and applied.

Babies with temperament apathetic

  • They tend to be a few quiet babies.
  • Not the arman tantrums.
  • They are not very sociable and find it difficult to smile.
  • You may feel a lack of interest in the outside world, but this could change if the parents manage to stimulate them properly.

The important thing to learn to know your child

  • To know what is the temperament of your baby can help you to pay attention to really needs for their psychomotor development.
  • If you learn to know your baby, you can come to influence the development of one's own temperament, to achieve an improvement.
  • It is important to strengthen links between parents and children, and that this will become a good channel of mediation.
  • If you want your baby to adjust to your temperament you'll need to do so in a patient and consistent.
  • To impose an order on a child of difficult temperament is not advisable, since small children may feel discomfort in the way to send them.
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