This in addition to being an exercise very complete, it is quite stimulating, babies acquire the ability to crawl from the eight months, however, each child has their own pace, at this age and even ten months, are very restless and come to be able to walk around the space by crawling or pushing.

This is precisely the importance of crawling in children, the ability to acquire, move and interact with everything that is around you, improve your motor skills, motor coordination, and calculated distances, which is ideal for his development emotional, physical, and intellectual.

Parents should be involved in the crawling

The baby from birth seeks to strengthen the connection with the mother, and this also we may perceive it during all of its stages, including crawling.

When they begin to crawl, surely the first thing they will seek is to mom, and to find their facial expressions will allow us to engage with them in a non-verbal communication immediately, which is creating in the child safety and confidence.

Specialists recommend that parents be involved in the development of the babies, but we must respect their times, although their evolutionary process fill us with anxiety and we are eager to see them continue to grow, it is appropriate to let them experience each one of its stages properly.

Marco Antonio Sanchez de la Rosa, coordinator of the Service of Pediatrics of the General Hospital of Zone number 15 of the IMSS in Mexico asserted that “crawling stimulates the growth and strengthens skills of the baby, so that it is not necessary to try to move forward too fast by putting it immediately on a walker”.

What happens when the baby does not want to crawl?

  • Perhaps the baby does not feel any desire to do so, and in this case, the parents should teach it and encourage them to do so, without obliging or forcing the child.
  • When the baby starts crawling it is put in practice their coordination manual and visual.
  • Used blankets on the floor or carpet of rubber eva and help your baby to crawl, advances his left arm with the right knee, and then upside down, right arm to left knee.
  • In the form of crawling, it drives the baby's back gently, so that we can place her favorite toy in front of him with the intention of wanting to take.
  • We can also place it ‘face up’ to learn to lift arms and legs, doing gentle exercises to strengthen your muscles and limbs.

Crawling, undoubtedly, goes to the children even more curious, which is why we must always be vigilant to avoid accidents, by taking the necessary steps for him to live this experience in a timely manner and effectively.

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