What to do when my baby falls?

In this article you will find:
  • What to do before a fall?
  • How to prevent falls at home
Falls at different levels of our children are more common than you think. In general, does not pass of a scare, but there are some precautions that you should take to prevent damage to the health of your child.
Babies do not yet know how to walk, does not mean that they are free of a that another fall. You must take into account that not all hits will cause severe damage to your child, sometimes this will just be the shock of both, but not for that reason you should set your mind at ease. If it happens, the important thing is to rest and, if necessary, that you take all the assessment tests.

What to do before a fall?

  • The first thing you should check is that you have not hit the head. If this happened, do not be alarmed, but take it immediately to a health center, because there may be a complication that is not seen to the naked eye.
  • The intensity of the injury will depend on the height, the mode and the speed with which they fall off the baby. If you have a bump don't be alarmed too, to not be present any other symptoms.
  • If you spent a couple of hours you find that the little one is restless, vomiting or any signs of abnormal behavior, take it to a care centre. This is because there are some strokes that do not have consequences right away, but are evolutionary.
  • If your baby is breathing normal, looks rosadito and can stay awake it is likely that there are no problems.
  • Prevents your little one to sleep immediately after the coup, comes to pass a few hours before I go back to rest. Nor do you give any type of medication, may be negative instead of helping.
  • When you realize that your baby fell is not the time to cry and to despair, remember that he needs you and is already scared. If you hear screaming nervous or feel a amount of keystrokes that are too high, you can panic more.

How to prevent falls at home

  • When you purchase the cot, the security bars should not be more than eight inches of separation.
  • The railings must be high, to not reach to get.
  • When you walk with your baby in your arms, be careful with the carpets and with the unevenness of the floor.
  • Choose cars with a separation between the legs. Although, sometimes that is not enough, so you have to teach your baby that the feet have to go in the place that the putting.
  • You should never leave the small one on a couch, bed or mudador.
  • You should not leave the baby on tables or high chairs.
  • When you go down stairs with your baby in your arms, lean on the railing.
  • Remember to keep the chairs to eat, cars and cribs away from windows and stairs.
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