The time of the birth of a baby is a special event for the whole family, and one of the traditions common to all of the families and relatives of the parents is to find the like to the newborn, but, genetically, the science seems to have found the solution.

The eyes are of mother, the nose is from the father, just like his little sister, and all of that kinship that we find in the newborn seemed to be a “game of chance”, however, researchers have confirmed that those who contributes more genetically to the newborn, are the parents.

What is inherited from the parents?

Physical traits and factions. In this sense we are referring to the eye color, voice, texture and even the amount of hair, also, the children inherit the fathers moles, blemishes of the skin, and the shape of the fingers of the feet.

Gestures. In addition to inherited genetics, are also born with the skills for learning, although studies have confirmed that children inherit intelligence from mother, apparently the pace of development depends on the genetic dad.

Tics: human beings have a host of tics and grimaces, that we have developed by watching our parents, the same thing happens with our babies, they adopt and imitate our tricks, so fasten the chin, tighten the ear, winking the eye, or to bite the lips, are tics that are inherited from the parents.

Skills. Certain skills such as spreading the fingers of the feet and close in a circle, the tongue is only inherited from the father, even, if you try to do it with your partner, you will realize who can do so with greater skill, or performance.

Diseases. A large number of diseases are inherited, including: problems of hypertension, cholesterol and cancer, and although we do not want to inherit this kind of conditions, naturally happens as well.

Temperament. Personality and temperament is not the same, although, the personality is still malleable and is constructed throughout of the childhood, the temperament or character is a quality that is inherited.

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