Despite all the scientific and technological advances, continues to surprise us the idea that our babies are born with light eyes (blue or gray), this particular feature we called a lot of attention especially when we do not have relatives with the genetic, but what is the color of the eyes final?

It is normal for babies to be born with the color of the eyes bluish-grey and are going to keep well up to 6 or 9 months of age that comenzán to oscureserse and will have their final color.

What are all born with that color of eyes?

Definitely not, many babies are born with dark eyes, and they keep that color or you can even darken until you get to deep brown or black, for their part, those babies that are born with clear eyes, their color will get darker and darker gradually (most of the times), even until the first year of age.

In other cases, where it involves the genetic family, are babies born with blue or gray eyes very pronounced and these are kept as well.

The color of the iris

  • Know as the iris, the colored part of the eye, and we owe this to the melanin, which is the protein secreted by the melanocytes, which have the function of giving color to the iris, hair and skin.
  • When the baby is born, the cells that produce this melanin is still very immature so that the produced in low quantities, therefore, do not define completely the color of the eyes of the newborn.
  • As the months go by, the production of melanin increases and with this we begin to see changes in the skin, hair, and of course the baby's eyes.

Myths and truths behind the color of baby's eyes

  • The urban theories, ensure that the light color of the baby is maintained during the lactacia, and as soon as the mother stops breast-feeding, the color of the iris oscurese, but this thesis has no base in scientific.
  • What does seem to relate to the color of baby's eyes is the exposure to the sun, this with the operation and the production of melanin by melanocytes. We can even notice it, in some adults the eye color changes when exposed directly to the sun.
  • The eye color of the baby generally is determined by genetics, however can influence external factors, such as the light.
  • If during the first year of baby's life, melanocytes to secrete a little melanin, he will have blue eyes or gray.
  • If the amount of melanin that is produced is regular, the eyes will be green or hazel.
  • But when the secretion of melanin is greater, the eyes will have brown, dark brown or black.
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