The ambitious project was intended to give access to every mother, regardless of the social stratum, the information specialists of the first line could be granted on issues of health, fertility, pregnancy, neonatal care, and parenting.

Since its inception Babies and Parents  sought to be the guide and right-hand side of those mothers who faced it alone, or with some degree of ignorance and uncertainty, the new stage of having a baby in the arms, and to comply fully with all of your roles of women.

Babies and Parents  has always been characterized by maintaining as fundamental pillars, the warmth, empathy and closeness of its contents, in addition to provide help to the mothers and to be the support of time, especially in those moments in which the task becomes uphill.

Many of the mommies who started with Babies and Parents  from your pregnancy, or with the intention of becoming mothers, today, continues to accompany us in the development of their children preteens and many of them in their following pregnancies.

The care that the team Babies and Parents  gets daily, reflected in the affection that our community has forged with the brand. And we in return work hard for being always at the forefront of the topics that really interest you.

In these years we have changed platforms, technologies, image, but always with a view to satisfy your needs and concerns.

Our team consists of mothers and fathers like you are experiencing the challenges of the care of our greatest treasures, our children.

It is for all of the above to our commitment of being there when you need us, to constantly create material to facilitate your life and clarify your concerns is a work that we consider of vital importance, we want to put ourselves in your shoes and what we do every day to read the thousands of comments, greetings, questions, thanks, or simply be one who hears your words in the moments that you feel helpless.

We hope to continue to grow because we are proud to be a part of your life, we consider it a privilege and is something for which we give our efforts and many times we sacrifice time with the family so you never feel you're alone.

Thank you for becoming what we are today, we are honored that you have chosen!

Let's keep walking together come new surprises...

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